Biurowiec QU4DRANS, Paryż

SURFACE: 86 000 m²

As part of the partnership agreement for the construction of the new Ministry of Defense in Balard, Linkcity is responsible for the land valuation of the Corne Quest plot. The process was carried out in cooperation with Icade. In the heart of the rapidly changing Ballard district, 86,000 m² of offices are divided into four independent blocks of 7 floors, arranged geometrically around an extensive indoor park. What's unprecedented for a Parisian commercial complex - the green areas are spread on over 6,000 m², which is more than twice as much as required by urban planning.

The facade in titanium, silver and manganese colours amplifies the light and allows for the optimal use of natural lighting with intersecting corridors on the ground floor and upper floors treated as attics and fully glazed. In each of the buildings, there is an employee restaurant, a cafe and a parking lot.

Qu4drans has obtained a triple environmental certificate: NF HQE Tertiary Buildings "exceptional passport", BBC Effinergie and BREEAM "Excellent".